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Camping Lake Hemet in California

Lake Hemet Campground, California

Camp California: I’m talking with John this morning. He is the Operations Manager at Lake Hemet Campground in California. John, why don’t you start by giving us a little bit of history on that particular campground?

John: Lake Hemet Campground is owned by the Lake Hemet Municipal Water District. It’s located 4200 feet in the San Jacinto Mountains. We’re located off the Pines to Palms Highway. We have approximately 300 full hook-up campsites, 400 dry sites, and three group areas, including an equestrian area. The lake itself is used as an agricultural water storage reservoir.

Camp California: Okay. It looks absolutely gorgeous on your website here, surrounded by mountains. And so, is it just group camping?

John: No, we do both. Long-term camping almost lazy day – sorry, I’m drawing up blanks.

Camp California: No problem. No problem. Can individual campers come there?

John: Yes, individual campers do come here.

Camp California: Okay, sounds good.

John: That’s actually the majority of our business.

Camp California: Sure, and it’s everything from tent camping all the way up to RV sites.

John: Yes, we do. We have both primitive and developed campsites.

Camp California: Okay. And what are the most popular activities for guests at Lake Hemet Campground?

Lake Hemet in California
Lake Hemet in California

John: Fishing. Fishing is probably one of the major draws for getting up here. The others are we’re located right next to Water Gray Hiking Trail. Trail comes by just a couple miles to the south of here. And we do get some through hikers who stay here as well as folks come up here to ride mountain bikes. They can utilize all the trail systems here in the San Jacinto Mountains.

Camp California: Sure. Now, if I were staying there for an extended period of time and I wanted to venture outside of the Park, what are some of your favorite attractions in and around that area, John?

John: Well, like I said, there’s a really (Unclear 2:07.8) trail system nearby. Mountain allows you to go up and, from the top of there, on one side you can see all the Riverside Counties. On the backside you can see all of San Diego County. There’s the Town of Idyllwild, which is a great old town. It’s a lot of arts and crafts-type shops. A lot of good small restaurants. We’re closely located to Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and the Town .

Camp California: Perfect. Two more questions for you this morning, John. If you could spend just one hour at Lake Hemet Campground, how would you spend your time there?

John: Probably going out on a boat, fishing, and checking out the bald eagles.

Camp California: Ooh, I love that. And what do you guys fish for on that lake?

John: We’re a year round trout lake.

Camp California: Fantastic. And if you could spend just one night at Lake Hemet Campground, which specific site would you stay at and why?

John: Probably the 469 or 470 because it’s just right there on the lake. It’s almost like you’re not in California.

Camp California: Perfect. Well, thanks for the tip, John, and thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with us about Lake Hemet Campground in California.

John: All right, thank you.

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