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Chaos Stealth Series

Overview:This is the Chaos Thermal Regulation Division and they have added to their Stealth Series with V-Loft. It’s a highly breathable, 4-way stretch of a poly wool blend created with a high frequency yellow that’s reversible with reflective hits.

Finding a winter hat that is also breathable can be daunting. Most of the hats on the market work by trapping all of the heat from your head at the cost of breathability. What happens? Your head become sweaty during physical activity. You probably end up taking your hat off to let some of that heat and moisture escape and your head becomes cold. It is a vicious cycle of overheating and freezing. Not only is this uncomfortable, it is not good for your overall health.

The Chaos Stealth Series is ideal for the cross seasons of fall and spring, high activity, Nordic training, skiing, running all the winter sports in a very athletic, breathable, thinner, lighter weight material. Make sure to check out the new line from Chaos CTR, the Stealth series for active enthusiasts staying fit all winter.

Manufacturer: Chaos
Product Name: Stealth Series CTR
MSRP: $16.99-59.99
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