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Camillus EDC3 Review

Camillus has built durable knives for over 130 years and one of their latest has caught our attention! The Camillus EDC3 pocket knife is lightweight and compact but still packs a punch – exactly what we need for camping, hiking, and beyond. Let’s take a closer look.

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The Camillus EDC3 has a skeletonized handle, which gives it a modern design and tactical looking appearance. The 3-inch blade is quite functional and has a partial serrated blade—making it useful for a variety of tasks throughout the day.


That skeletonized handle is lightweight and easy to grip. The blade is perfectly balanced, making cutting and slicing a breeze. The serrated edged is ideal for certain cutting tasks like cutting twine or cutting potatoes.

Ease of Use:

Opening the blade is easy. Closing it is another story – bringing up our only complaint about the Camillus EDC3. You have to pull up on the locking mechanism – requiring use of both hands to close the blade.  Less than ideal!


The blade comes sharp out of the box as the blade is forged from Japanese AUS-8 Steel. The surface is treated with Carbonitride Titanium—a proprietary surface treatment containing titanium.

Overall Value of the Camillus EDC3:

We found the Camillus EDC3 online for $20 and feel that it’s a fantastic value—especially when you factor in the lifetime warranty. And most note worthy is that there are no raised edges or flaws in the build, making it a great everyday pocket knife.

Camillus EDC3
The Camillus EDC3 has a handy pocket clip
The Camillus EDC3 blade is forged from AUS-8 Japanese Steel
The blade is forged from AUS-8 Japanese Steel
The Camillus EDC3's skeletonized handle gives this knife a modern and tactical appearance
The Camillus EDC3’s skeletonized handle gives this knife a modern and tactical appearance
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