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Your Kids Feet Have Room To Grow With Hi-Tec Kids Shoes

If you’re looking at buying a pair of outdoor shoes for your kids, you know they won’t last long as their feet seem to grow like weeds. Hi-Tec has taken it upon themselves to help with that problem. Hi-Tec Kids shoes allow your kids foot to actually grow with the shoe so you aren’t replacing them every 6 months.

Hi-Tec has a variety of kids shoes from their Sierra lite, a great light weight hiking shoe, your typical waterproof hiking boot and some great low profile shoes for kids to wander around the campsite in. Hi-Tec seems to make all of their shoes with comfort and functionality in mind, as each of these kids shoes are easy to wear. By far the coolest feature in all of the Hi-Tec Kids shoes are the insoles. As you notice your kids feet growing and the shoe not fitting well, just take the volume expander in sole out and leave the second insole in the shoe. This allows about 2-3 more months of wear in that shoe before your kid officially grows out of them. That is amazing!

Price: varies

See the Hi-Tec Kids Shoes in action

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