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farm to feet outdoor socks

Farm To Feet Outdoor Socks Overview

Overview: Farm to Feet is an independent American brand, operating state-of-the-art knitting, finishing, and packaging equipment to make socks for the world’s toughest critics. They are committed to the single, simple goal of creating the world’s best wool socks by exclusively using all American products. The Farm To Feet Outdoor Socks has a collection of hiking, adventure, run and everyday use socks for users that are looking for the highest quality in footwear.

What Makes It Unique: The Farm To Feet Outdoor Socks collection is 100% American made and boasts a range of socks from the traditional to multi-sport. Making socks for both men and women, Farm To Feet has made a name for themselves in the outdoor world. Their new line of running socks includes a high sock, low sock and a compression sock. The run socks have a wool top, allowing free flowing air channels and bottom with friction free technology. This nylon material is a soft, smooth fiber that reduces heat build up and helps with blisters. The Blue Ridge compression socks are mostly the same but go above the calf allowing more blood flow.

Manufacturer: Farm To Feet
Product Name: Outdoor Socks Collection
MSRP: Varies

farm to feet outdoor socks
Farm To Feet Outdoor Socks

farm to feet outdoor socks
Farm To Feet Outdoor Socks

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