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Heavy Duty Camping Chairs for Ultimate Relaxation

There are few things that dampen the camping spirit like a chair that’s uncomfortable and unreliable. You can’t sit around the campfire singing Kumbaya when your back is killing you and you’re concerned about your chair collapsing at any minute. That’s why we give you our list of 5 Heavy Duty Camping Chairs that will open you up to chairs that last longer than your average bottom shelf chair and carry some more interesting features.

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Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Chair Deluxe Lightweight Folding Chair – by KingCamp 

Lounge in luxury in the Deluxe mountaineering Folding Chair. Forget about sinking into the ground or tearing through the fabric or searching for a place to put down your beverage. This chair features extra wide feet to keep you from sinking into the mud, heavy duty fabric for tear resistance and a cup holder for your drink. Your rear end will thank you for the added padding too.

Price: $62.18

Outdoor Active Gear swivel Heavy Duty Camping Chair 360 Degree Swivel Chair – by Outdoor Active Gear

Set this chair on the top of a mountain and soak in 360 degrees of awesome. We love the freedom of being able to pivot in an instant whether you’re doing a quick move to see something behind you or hide from the campfire smoke, this chair has a lot of promising applications. 

Price: $69.95

ALPS Mountaineering Heavy Duty Camping ChairFolding Camp Chair – by Alps Mountaineering 

DWe’ve used this style of chair before and found them to be very sturdy. The legs do not sink even the softest campsite soil due to the flat bar across the ground. While this chair doesn’t fold into a small cylinder shape like most traditional camping chairs, it does fold fairly flat. Padded seats and armrests, with an attached cup holder make the Alps Mountaineering folding camp chair a great option for the traditional car camper.

Price: $49.99

ONWEGO Ultralight Heavy Duty Camping ChairUltralight Outdoor and Camping Chair – by ONWEGO

For car campers who are serious about conserving space in the trunk, check out the ONWEGO Ultralight chair. It weights a mere two pounds and folds to the size of a large loaf of bread all while being able to hold a 250 pound human. It’s super light and surprisingly durable chair is a must for the space conscious camper.


Quik Shade Heavy Duty Camping Chair

Bravo Sports Quik Shade chair

Sometimes you just need some shade. The Bravo Sports Quik Shade chair delivers with an adjustable canopy that will block sun from just about any angle. Is it needed? No. Is it cool to have an a way to make your friends jealous? Yes.

Price: $27.06

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