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The Chico Bag Sling Repete Is A Fantastic Eco Friendly Bag

We should all be a little concerned about our environment, what we do to it and how we take care of it. Doing your part can be as simple as recycling. Chico Bag will then take those recycled bottles you’ve been drinking and put them to good use in making the Chico Bag Sling Repete. The sling bag is a cross body messenger bag with an open top, making it easy to reach in and grab what you need.

The Chico Bag has a 40 pound carrying capacity so it can easily haul things from your campsite, on a hike or when you are biking. The cross shoulder strap certainly makes it feel better for carrying a larger weight as it distributes it much better. As with most of the Chico Bags, the Sling Repete has an inside pouch that the entire bag can easily fold in to making it about the size of your palm for easy storing when it is not in use.

Price: $14.99

See the Chico Bag Sling Repete in action

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