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ChicoBag Travel Zip Review

Keeping valuables organized and secure is always a priority when traveling or camping. Being able to reassure yourself that everything is safe and in one place makes one less thing you have to worry about. The ChicoBag Travel Zip pouch set allows for organization of all essentials. It can be used while flying to keep valuables together or for camping when you’re storing toiletries for easy access.

Functionality: The quart size pouch is great for storing larger items such as wallets, phones, and toiletries. The size is large enough to carry the valuables, while also being small enough to be a perfect accessory while traveling. The quart size pouch also comes with a clear front plastic that allows visibility into the pouch. The medium size pouch is an ideal size to fit chargers, cords, and keys. The smallest size pouch is perfect for money, cards, identification, small jewelry, and quick first-aid equipment. All three zippered pouches will keep your belongings organized and in reach.

Appearance: These pouches have a tethered loop that allows you to put it on your wrist or secure it to something by clipping. The lightweight material makes it easy to store the pouches when not in use. They currently come in three different styles: Echo, Midnightswells (pictured), and Solstice. All designs are hand-washable and can easily be air-dried. The quart size pouch is 9.5”w x 6.5”h, medium size pouch is 8.5”w x 4.5”h, and the small size pouch is 6.5”w x 3.5”h.

Value: For $9.99 the ChicoBag Travel Zip pouch set is a great price as it comes with three different sizes. It’s a great accessory that is extremely usable for travel and camping. For those looking to keep their valuables and other belongings together, this set is a great little addition for storage.

ChicoBag Travel Zip
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