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COAST Flashlights Have It All For Your Next Camping Trip

COAST Flashlights
COAST flashlights have a great beam focusing system

The key things you need when camping. Tent, campfire, water, food, flashlight. No one wants to wander around in the dark, trying to find more firewood or use the restroom. There are plenty of flashlights out there and we have taken our fare share on camping trips that don’t even hold enough battery power to get us through the weekend. What we have found is that COAST flashlights have it all for your next camping trip. They are like no other.

What makes COAST flashlights unique is truly their optical systems. They have a true beam focusing system which easily lets you go from a bullseye type spot that gives about 200 meters of beam distance to a really large flood beam for working up close. They even have flashlights that not only give out a great beam of light but can switch to a nice red beam so that you can see well without affecting your night vision. With many different sizes, ways to operate and lumens there is something for every camper from the family car camper to the back country backpacker. We are super impressed with the product offering COAST brings to the table.

Price: varies

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