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Daily Outdoor #76 : National Carbonated Caffeinated Beverage Day

We’re pretty sure that there’s not a better way on planet earth to celebrate National Carbonated Caffeinated Beverage Day (yes, it’s really a thing) than to force Clint to identify what he’s drinking – with his eyes closed. “Is it strawberry pop?” Nope, try again….

We still know a few people who are hooked on cigarettes, and we get it. It’s a tough habit to kick. However, we believe that a whole new world in the outdoors is opened – when you have the stamina and lung capacity to enjoy it. To honor that thinking, today is The Great American Smokeout. #QuitLikeAChampion

It’s coming! Black Friday will be here in about a week. It’s been a buzz around the industry that REI will be closing all of its brick & mortar locations, as well as their website. Instead opting for the #OptOutside campaign. A day to get out – and enjoy the outdoors rather than the lines of the shopping malls.

This, and much more (including the fabled Webster emoticon) on #DailyOutdoor – #76.

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