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Did Someone Steal Bear Grylls’ Emmy for ‘You vs Wild’?

Bear Grylls and his The Natural Studios team won multiple Emmy Awards for the Netflix show, You vs Wild. Though if you – or he – ever wanted to look at it, neither would be able to.

According to Grylls, the only thing that remains of the award are the Getty Images — and whatever was captured from the broadcast.

That’s right. Grylls posted on Twitter that shortly after winning his Emmy that he misplaced it at an afterparty. He now has no idea where it is.

“This was an exciting moment for our crew on @netflix You Vs Wild a few months back. We won two Emmy’s for best show and best host. The only annoying thing is that I somehow lost the actual Emmy at the after party! #Emmy#netflix#youvswild#killerteam

‘You vs Wild’ had a choose-you-own-adventure style.

The show originally ran on Netflix in 2019 and was produced by Grylls as well as Delbert Shoopman and Rob Buchta. It was an interactive series that allowed viewers to take part in the advneture.

As Netflix described it, “(Fans) make key decisions to help Bear Grylls survive, thrive and complete missions in the harshest environments on Earth.”

The eight-episode production saw Grylls locate a doctor in the jungle that was looking to deliver malaria vaccines in Central America; locate a lost Saint Bernard in the Swiss Alps; survive 24 hours in the mountains; deal with venomous adversaries in a scorching desert canyon; navigate a dense forest to survive an inland adventure, and escape an abandoned mine in the remote European wilderness.

 Bear and the Natural Studios team were awarded the two Emmy Awards at a ceremony in Los Angeles. They, theoretically, took home were Emmy’s for “Best Show” and “Best Host.” Grylls post suggests that only the “Best Show” Emmy is in the possession of its rightful owner.

With the success of the show, fans are wondering if there will be a Season Two on the streaming service.

Grylls is probably wondering where on Earth that Emmy is. Hey, maybe that can be an episode?

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