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Handy DIY Camp Kitchen With Working Sink

We’ve all seen these cheap garage shelves before but probably never thought to cut a hole for a plastic bin to make a camp kitchen. Several years back, user vik-king posted a DIY camp sink project on the forum at CanvasCampers.com. For those who camp often or for longer than weekend stretches, this DIY camp kitchen would be a great addition to your campsite. The working sink would come into play at a site with a water hookup, or hanging up a plastic container of water and connecting the sprayer to that. What a cool project! Here’s how to make your own camp kitchen setup.

DIY camp kitchen


  1. Three-level plastic shelving (preferably collapsible)
  2. Rectangular wash basins
  3. 5-gallon water jug (of clean water)
  4. Water bottle pump
  5. 1″ PVC pipe and a PVC pipe cutter
  6. A simple sink drain
  7. PVC-reducing coupling
  8. Large water jug (to catch gray water)


  1. Cut a hole in one of your basins the diameter of the drain.
  2. Cut two holes in the top shelf, the size of your sink basins.
  3. Set up your shelving, put wash basins in holes and put the drain in place.
  4. Put gray-water jug on bottom shelf.
  5. Cut PVC pipe to length so it goes from the drain into the gray-water jug.
  6. Use coupling to attach drain to pipe inside the
  7. Attach bottle pump to 5-gallon jug and set it up so it pumps into the sink basin with drain.

diy camp kitchen

Want to make your camp sink even sturdier, check out Leisure Co.’s directions for a Wood & Steel DIY camp sink.

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