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5 Great Activities To Make The Most Of The Arctic Blast

If you have scrolled your social media feed this morning, you know that it is cold. Certainly you have seen all the negative-degree “feels like” from your high school friends, or your aunt who may have even texted you. None of that means you need to hunker down inside. You can still go explore the outdoors.

Now, you may have to dig out of the driveway to do it — please stay safe with that — but cold does not have to mean indoors. There are some low-hanging fruit of sled riding or ice skating that can be inclu

Cross-Country Skiing

There are several reasons that cross-country skiing is a favorite winter pastime.

First, it’s great for beginners. The skillset required for this activity is pretty low which means you do not have to be an expert in any way to enjoy your time outdoors.

Secondly, there is also a relatively barrier to entry. These is some cost for equipment but most all of it is redundant for other outdoor activities. If you are going to be outdoors in the winter, you already have much of what you need.

Third, it is for all ages. You can enjoy the time on skis regardless of your age. It is a physical activity that provides a lot of fun.

Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Cross-Country Skiing for more.

Ice Fishing

Despite a cold blast taking grip on the country, ice fishing is not something that can happen everywhere. It may be freezing but people in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee or Texas are probably going to have to get out beyond state lines to actually participate. That may require more planning.  

In many other areas of the country there was already thick enough ice to get out on the lakes — even before this winter blast set in.

If you a new to the sport, be mindful of those who are more experienced.


Similar to cross-country skiing, getting into this activity has all of the same benefits.

It is an excellent exercise. It’s low impact and aerobic. The cost of entry is low. Anyone can do it. Likewise the gear is relatively inexpensive and it is mostly redundant to what you need for anything else. It is also a pretty basic technique, so you can enjoy it with your friends and family of all ages.

You can also go snowshoeing in most any place that you would alternatively go hiking in the warmer months. It does not require lift tickets or other expenditures to enjoy.

Learn some of the basics and get going!

Fat Tire Biking

Biking in the winter is something many people struggle with. That statement includes people who enjoy summer cycling. Being out in the cold, generally, is not fun but this activity can make it so.

Cyclists have found a better way to navigate the rough terrain — and make the colder months of the winter more enjoyable. Fat tire biking is one of those rides that will sink into your memory. It is also one that you will need to get into your wallet to enjoy. Unlike many other options, this one has a little bit of a cost attached. Fat tire bikes are not inexpensive.

However, no matter if it is snow or the mud, fat tire bikes can make for an easy ride without slips. The larger tires make for better traction, too. Some still ask, Is Fat Tire Biking For Me?

Go Skiing

This is lower on the list because it is pretty obvious. It is also something you already thought of if you are a fan of the outdoors.

With the chilly blast that came in, it can create two types of skiing that you will have to navigate.

In some places, the cold will make it great for natural snow to fall — or ideal for resorts to get cranking on fake snow. If you can get in some powder runs that will make for a great story. Of course, we also have you covered on ways to enjoy your time on fresh flakes. Check out these tips for skiing on powder.

The reverse can also be out there: ice. The cold blast may have frozen some of the packed snow from previous runs. The quick cooling, specifically in certain areas of the country, can create a a tumble you do not want to take. If you are on the east coast or had a bad pack before this blast in other areas, you can take some notes on how to improve those icy runs.

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