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WATCH: Boaters Rescue Bear with Plastic Jug Stuck on Its Head

A video of a bear out of Wisconsin is serving as a reminder to dispose of your trash properly. In the clip, a black bear is swimming with a plastic jug stuck on its head. Fortunately, two nearby boaters come to the animal’s rescue.

Here’s the video:

It takes a minute for the boaters to get close enough to the animal and feel like they can safely remove the plastic cheese ball container. Once they do, the bear swims away safely. 

An organization called No Polluting posted the video. They are a green-focused company that works alongside corporations looking to shrink their carbon footprint. 

If you’ve ever lived in or visited areas with large bear populations, you’ve probably seen signs about properly disposing trash. However, bears are smart and have a great sense of smell, so they can often still find their way into a trash can.

Keeping bears away from human food is critical in protecting both bears and people. According to the National Park Service: “By eating human food, bears can lose their preference for natural food sources and their fear of humans. Over time, these bears may begin approaching people in search of food. They can become aggressive, unpredictable, and dangerous.”

Here are steps you can take if you’re around bears to protect them and yourself:

  • Use bear-proof trash containers.
  • Rinse empty food containers and wrappers to reduce the smell. 
  • Avoid disposing of items with a strong smell in your trashcan until pick-up day. You can do this by placing items in the freezer.
  • Store trash cans in a secure building like a shed or garage, if possible.
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