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Dreamwave Audio Tremor Speaker Review

After sharing my thoughts on numerous Bluetooth speakers designed for the outdoors, I can confidently tell you that I believe there are two distinct groups of people:

Those who do think speakers belong at a campsite, and
those who don’t think speakers belong at a campsite.

If you fall into the second group, please stop reading this review right now; it’s definitely not for you. However, if you believe that music and camping go together like peanut butter and jelly, I’ve found a camping sound system that’ll definitely have you up and moving around the campfire. It’s called the Tremor and it’s made by Dreamwave Audio.

Let’s start with what it is.

The Tremor is a 50W Bluetooth speaker sound system, housed inside a IPX5-rated rugged shell. At the core, a 20,800 mAh rechargeable battery bank provides power not only for the speakers, but delivers additional juice to keep your portable electronics charged and ready to go. To be honest, I’ve charged the Tremor speaker twice since I’ve received it, and it powered a full two weekends of day and nighttime entertainment.

You’ll also want to know what it’s not.

This isn’t one of those little “camping” Bluetooth speakers that you might find on an end cap of a department store. I couldn’t find an exact weight on the manufacturers website, so I decided to weigh it myself. At 11lbs, this isn’t something that you’re going to backpack across California with, but if you’re looking for a speaker you can pull out of the trunk, this one will definitely get the party vibe started.

Next, what it does.

The Tremor by Dreamwave puts out sound, and lots of it. It truly is more of a sound system than a speaker. The pairing couldn’t be easier, and unlike many Bluetooth products on the market, the buttons are single push for power and sync. No need to push and wait until the unit powers up and down.

If I have just one gripe about the performance of the Tremor, is that the speakers are directional. I know, I sound spoiled. I’ve become accustomed to speakers that output radial sound, and don’t require me to point them where I want them. Honestly, a small sticking point. However, if you’re looking for a speaker that isn’t going to channel sound towards surrounding campsites, this could also be a pro, depending on your needs.

The Dreamwave Tremor retails for just under $300, and if you value music as part of your outdoor experience as much as I do, it’s worth it.

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