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Enjoy Geocaching with the Brand 44 Geomate Jr!

Geocaching is a great activity to do while camping, and the Geomate Jr. is a great GPS to use for your adventures. It comes preloaded with 250,000 geocaches covering all 50 states. Using the Geomate Jr. is easy. When you switch it on and it will find your location and show you the 20 closest caches. Then just follow the distance and arrow that leads to a geocache. The Geomate Jr also gives you information about the geocache such as cache ID, difficulty, terrain and size. Once you have found a cache it saves your found items so you can review them at any time. There are many accessories and an update kit for your Geomate Jr that allows you to continue to add new caches. The Geomate Jr is a great way to get involved with geocaching.

Geocaching is a really great activity for the whole family to participate in while camping. It is like a GPS based treasure hunt, you never know exactly where a geocache will be hidden or what may be inside of it. Geocaches come in many different sizes and usually contain a little prize and also a piece of paper to sign so other people can see who has been to the cache. The Geomate Jr is great because it has so many features that are helpful to beginners and experience geocachers. The ability to have so many caches preloaded is amazing, plus it is easy to look back on where you have been and the caches you have found.

From the manufacturer:

Brand 44 was started in 2011 by Edward O’Brien a Colorado native who wanted to create “Backyard Adventures” as recreational activities that family members of all ages and other groups could enjoy out of doors anywhere

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