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Function Meets Style with Women’s Avid Ice Fishing Suit

What’s the key to catching more fish through the ice? Ask a hundred ice anglers and they’ll all have a different answer. For me, staying warm and comfortable makes all the difference because the more comfortable I am, the more time I’ll spend out in the elements jigging for fish. That was a priority for me while fishing with Women On Ice on Lake of the Woods where I put my Avid Ice Fishing Suit from DSG Outerwear to the test.

Wearing the proper ice fishing suit can make or break your hardwater fishing experience. I was so excited when DSG Outerwear, a woman-owned outerwear company that’s been around for a decade, launched their women’s ice fishing line. The line includes their latest Avid Ice Fishing Jacket and Drop Seat Bib.

dsg avid icefishing suit

The Avid Ice Fishing Suit is made for women, by women. Finally, a suit that goes against the “shrink it and pink it” mentality and is not only functional but also comfortable, made for sub-zero temperatures, and fashionable. Here are the reasons why I think the Avid Suit is single-handedly changing the ice fishing industry for women this year.

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Inclusive Sizing Matters

The Avid Suit caters to all women. The ice fishing jacket and drop seat bib come in sizes XS to 5XL. The drop seat bib also has adjustable side waist tabs and suspenders and an adjustable buttoned inseam from 32.5 inches to 28.5 inches, which allows women to modify the suit to their exact size.

dsg avid ice fishing suit

Safety and Warmth

Even though Women On Ice had fish houses available for extra warmth and protection on Lake of the Woods, I fished outdoors for most of the day with the Avid Ice Suit. It’s waterproof and lightweight, yet super warm thanks to Primaloft® insulation which can be found in brands like Simms and Patagonia.

The Avid Suit also comes with FLOTEX® layered foam insulation for extra warmth, but more importantly the Flotex Flotation Assist system. Safety is so important while on the ice and I feel extra comfort knowing that I can stay afloat for two hours in case of an emergency.

Function Meets Style

First and foremost, an ice fishing suit needs to be functional. Because of Primaloft® insulation, DSG was able to create a fitted suit that allows women anglers to move easily and comfortably. Having a fitted suit also keeps the wind from drafting in and ultimately keeps me warmer while on the ice. Plus, I can avoid looking like a marshmallow! A win-win.

dsg avid ice fishing suit bibs

The Avid Drop Seat Bib includes heavy-duty removable knee pads that come in handy for hole hopping on slush and ice. Above the knee pads is a pocket where you’ll find a built-in rag so you can wipe your hands after releasing a slimy northern pike. And my favorite feature is the drop seat so that when nature calls, I can simply unzip my drop seat rather than taking my entire bib off.

There are also other practical features like D-rings for clipping on small tools for ice fishing, tons of magnetic pockets, armpit ventilation so you don’t sweat, and wrist gators to make sure any wind and moisture stay out.

The fact that this suit has a much more feminine fit than most ice fishing suits is the cherry on top. The jacket comes in three different colors including tan, deep teal, and deep maroon. The bib is black with tan seams to match any of the jackets. I actually prefer wearing my ice fishing suit when I do most winter activities, including sledding with my son, snowboarding, and even shoveling the driveway in style.

Pair the jacket and bib with the matching Avid Ice Fishing Gloves and you’re set for a full day of ice fishing.

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