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GCI PodRocker: Review

The GCI Pod Rocker is like sitting in a big, comfy catchers mitt.

On a recent 50 Campfires trip, I had the pleasure of spending an entire day waterfall hunting. We were in western North Carolina, and the concentration of waterfalls there is among the highest in the world – 250+ in one county alone. When I’m sightseeing like this, it’s not enough to snap a pic and drive to the next destination. It’s worth it to take the scene in. I like to sit for 5-10 minutes and enjoy the fact that I’m lucky enough to be there in the first place. On this particular adventure, I was toting the new GCI Pod Rocker around, and I loved it.

The GCI Pod Rocker has a sling style seat that I found to be very comfortable. You can snuggle down into it or let your arms rest wider on the sides of the fabric. It’s a good design. I loved the spring style rocking technology because it feels like a luxury you shouldn’t have in the outdoors. It was relaxing to sway to and fro surrounded by waterfalls. The GCI Pod Rocker as two pockets on the side, one for a drink and one for your phone. It’s also made from powder-coated steel so you should have no problem chilling in it for years to come. How easy is it to haul around? It folds two ways just like a typical camp chair so you won’t have any problem at all. You can pick one up here for $65. If you spend a lot of time around a campfire, it’s worth it.

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The GCI Pod Rocker is incredibly comfortable.
Straight chillin by a waterfall in the GCI Pod Rocker
Hauling the GCI Pod Rocker to this scenic spot was the right choice.
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