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Gear of the Year Awards 2016: Clean Trek Gear Spray

The Camping Authority Announces Annual Gear Award for Clean Trek’s Gear Spray.

Clean Trek Gear Spray provides hikers, campers, and all other adventurers with an easy, eco-friendly solution for keeping their gear fresh and clean. All outdoor enthusiasts run into this problem at some point in their life. We know we have, and we know you have too! This gear spray is absolutely perfect to use on clothing, sleeping bags, tents, coolers, and even your hiking boots. We can’t even explain what a lifesaver this product is, especially when it comes to high-end sleeping bags that you can’t just throw in the washer after every use. Simply turn your sleeping bag inside out, spray the interior, let it dry, and boom – the odor is gone!

Clean Trek Gear Spray was specifically designed for getting “off the beaten path” and pushing your gear to its limits. The proprietary formula directly targets human and environmental odors, providing complete odor elimination, while inhibiting the growth of new odor development. This handy 12-ounce trigger spray bottle is perfect for multi-day trips in the wilderness. See for yourself!


Clean Trek
Clean Trek Gear Spray
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