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Welcome to the GEARBOX! Every month we showcase the gear that rolls through the 50 Campfires headquarters – and there’s a LOT of it. We pick our favorites and tell you what we like, and who we think needs it. Catch it here every month for the latest and greatest.

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Springbar Highline 6 Tent

Springbar canvas tents have been around since 1961 because they know how to make a durable tent that will last. This Springbar Highline 6 is a simple design that is easy for for one person to pitch, and there’s just something about canvas that nylon tents can’t deliver. They’re comfortable, classic, and the hardyduck canvas can handle any downpour it encounters. Also includes shade awning and gear loft. This tent is for someone who wants their tent to last a lifetime, and appreciates the classic vibe that only canvas has.

Dry Guy Force Dry Boot Dryer

The Dry Guy Force Dry will make sure your precious boots are bone dry in about an hour. One of the most important things you can do to get the most life out of your hiking boots is to fully dry them every night, and just setting them in your living room won’t do the trick. The folding design also makes it easy to toss in the car if you’re going to have an active weekend. In my opinion this is for anyone who owns a pair of boots.

CEP Merino Compression Socks

The CEP Mens Outdoor Light Merino Socks will allow you to spend a long day on the trail comfortably. As you rack up the miles your feet can start to swell up, which in turn can create hotspots and blisters. If you haven’t tried a pair of compression socks you need to give it a shot. The CEP Mens Outdoor Light Merino Socks can increase circulation by up to 40% and trust me – you’ll notice the difference at the end of the day. They’re for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet either on the trail or at their job.

Seattle Sports GoPack Solar Shower

The Seattle Sports GoPack Solar Shower is a smart design that incorporates backpack straps. 5 gallons of water is about 40 pounds, so hauling it up from the lake is easy, and it’s easy to see how much water you have with the see-through window. The other cool feature is that you can easily take the hose off and use it as a waterproof backpack if you wish. It’s for anyone who doesn’t want to leave ALL of their creature comforts at home.

GSI Outdoors Santoku Knife Set

The GSI Outdoors Santoku Knife Set can handle any kind of cutting, and they’re stainless steel so they’ll last a long time without rusting out. It includes a cutting board, washcloth, bottle for soap, and is under two pounds so it’s a snap to pack. This set is perfect for any camp cook that wants functionality AND portability.

RovR RollR 60 Cooler

The RovR RollR 60 is basically an all in one roving party box. You can haul everything you need in the popup wagon bin, and there is a dry bin on the inside to separate food and drinks. There are numerous attachments for food prep and beverages, and there is even a biking kit that allows you to pull the cooler behind bicycle. The RovR RollR 60 is perfect for anyone who regularly hits the beach or park with friends or family.

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