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Daily Outdoor: 2015 Gear of the Year – Fire

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Nick and Clint announced one of their favorite categories: fire. The first product, the Bernzomatic: WT2301 Multi-Purpose Trigger-Start Torch Head has many uses at the campsite and is very versatile due to the detachable had that will fit the propane canister you will probably have for your camp stove. The second product is a great one for kids. The Firebuggz: Original Log Lugger is a favorite because it’s easy to use and it keeps everyone safe from burns and splinters that can come from moving logs around with your hands. Next up is the Light My Fire: Swedish FireKnife that has a built-in sparker fire starter that pulls right out of the handle. So if you just outran that Grizzly bear and need to start a campfire, you’re all set. Then we awarded the SOG: Base Camp Axe with a Gear of the Year award due to the high quality steel, great design and full tang handle. Finally the UCO: Titan Stormproof Match Kit became a 50 Campfires favorite because it is nearly impossible to put them out. You can light these matches and dunk them in water and they’ll still be sparking and ready to start your campfire in any weather. These are the winners in the 2015 Gear of the Year Fire category.

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