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Get Lost

2015, The Year To Get Lost

When’s the last time you got lost? I mean truly let go from the day-to-day grind and unable to be located from the contemporary chaos? In the never-ending, take-no-prisoners, 24/7 plugged in, forever-online world we live in, when is the last time you stopped to enjoy the actual world around you? Honestly? When was the last time you appreciated life’s simple outdoor pleasures like jumping in a lake in the summer heat, inhaling the cool mountain air, feeling the salty ocean mist hit your face, gazing up at the stars on a still night, or feeling the wind hit your face on the Great Plains of South Dakota? It’s time to stop staring down the proverbial barrel of your computer screen and put a few miles in the rear-view. Work will always be there, it’s time to make some memories and enjoy what life has to offer outside of the status quo.

The last several seemingly dismal years were a period of revival; it was a miserable slug-it-out drudgery as we bounced back from “The Great Recession”. We buckled down, re-staked claim, and in general just held on for dear life. But not this year, 2015 is the year to GET LOST! Get lost in the moment, and become entirely consumed with developing life-lasting memories with those closest to you. It’s time to smile and be happy and create some distance between the all-consuming work and overtime. It’s time to be a kid again and go exploring.

Spend time where time means something greater.

Remember being a child in the backseat on a road-trip eating homemade sandwiches mom handed out, viewing out the window captivated by breathtaking views and anticipating the excitement of the next stop between campgrounds, national parks, and roadside shops? Remember how it felt to transcend time as if it didn’t exist and be entirely unaware you were making memories that would last a lifetime all under the disguise of your imagination on a great American adventure?

Put it into Perspective

Put it into Perspective:

If you add up the amount of time the average American lives in a lifetime and divide it by time we actually spend on various activities, this is what it looks like:

  • The average American will have worked a consecutive 10.3 years worth of time. How wisely are you spending those 2 weeks of vacation each year my dear friend? GET LOST!
  • You will spend 25 years of your life sleeping. Well, wake up sleepy head and GET LOST!
  • You watch TV for over 9 years of your life before kicking the bucket, and 2 of those years are on commercials. For God sakes people, GET LOST!
  • You spend 70% of our waking life in front of digital media. Why watch life on a screen when you can open the door and GET LOST outside in real life?
  • An office worker spends 5 years sitting behind a desk. Get off that tender butt and GET LOST!
  • The average employee spends 2 years sitting in work meetings. Wrap it up, GET LOST!
  • THE AVERAGE AMERICAN SPENDS 90% OF THEIR LIFE INDOORS! That’s over 71 years of your life!!!… Call the president! Tell every one you know! Shout from the rooftops! GO GET LOST BEFORE WE ARE TRULY LOST!!!

If you’re not getting the picture yet…Grab the ones you love and get as lost as humanly possible! Life is short, and you can’t take anything on earth with you when you go. So spend your time well and make memories that carry on for generations. Need a suggestion? Take a road trip.

Full Disclosure: This article was written by Tyler Hayzlett, Co-founder of SoDak Clothing, a South Dakota based company started with his childhood friend, which cares more about promoting South Dakota than they actually do about selling products. And for good reason

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