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Guideline Eddy

Guideline Eyewear Eddy Overview

Overview The Guideline Eyewear Eddy is an addition to the Classic Performance Collection. The collection focuses on high-quality, polarized sunglasses that feature an aluminum frame. This aluminum frame is crafted with a lightweight material that is non-corrosive and built to impress.

What Makes It Unique The Guideline Eyewear Eddy features the aviator look everybody loves. The problem with aviators is they usually have a heavy frame making it hard to keep from falling off. Guideline fixes that problem with the Eddy using only a lightweight plastic material. It includes an open bridge ventilated design with rubberized temples and a full inner frame. These stylish sunglasses come in a brown or black frame with grey or brown lenses.

Manufacturer: Guideline Eyewear

Product Name: Eddy



Guideline Eddy
Guideline Eyewear Eddy

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