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Have You Heard of Speedriding? Check Out This Wild Sport That Combines Paragliding with Skiing

Athletes who focus on action sports are always looking for new ways to push the boundaries. Speedriding is the perfect example of this. Imagine going skiing with a parachute.

Recently, one speedriding athlete shared a post while hitting the slopes in the French Alps. The combination of sports is intense enough, but in this clip, the rider also sets off an avalanche that chases him down the hill.

Check out the video:

In the post, Valentin Delluc, a Red Bull-sponsored athlete, is speedriding in Aiguille du Midi, a mountain in France. Delluc has a 360 view as he rides down the mountain. Eventually, he sets off an avalanche.

As he continues downhill, you see the avalanche follow him until he leaps off the side of a cliff and paraglides to safety. The avalanche cascades down the side like a waterfall of snow. 

Comments include, “When you see ‘Red Bull’ all over their outfit, you know some wild stuff is about to happen” and “Did you just create chaos? Then chase your own chaos? I love it.”

Delluc began his career skiing and later added the paragliding technique to become a speedrider. Since then, he has won the world championship in the sport.

If you want to get into speedriding, you need to be an expert skier and paraglider. So basically, it’s not an easy sport to get into.

However, some schools teach techniques in order to become proficient in the sport. 

These schools include the “Speed Riding School” in France, which posted this YouTube video:

Would you try speedriding?

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