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Hell Creek State Park in Montana

Hell Creek State Park in Montana

Camp Montana: Well, we are speaking with Craig today about the camping opportunities at Hell Creek State Park. How are you doing today?

Camp Montana: Perfect. So, when was Hell Creek State Park started?

Craig: Well, it’s got a very long history. The State Park itself is about 12 years old, but the area where people have come here, camping, has been here for many, many years.

Camp Montana: Perfect, so yeah, certainly has a long history then.

Craig: Oh yeah.

Camp Montana: Great. And so, when people are there for the weekend, what are usually the most popular activities in the Park?

Craig: It’s primarily a fishing and water park. Most people come here to fish. Fort Peck Reservoir on the Missouri River. It’s got really good, northern pike, and smallmouth bass fishing. And when it gets real hot in the summer, there are few people who come to do water skiing and jet skiing, but it’s primarily fishing.

Camp Montana: Perfect. Yeah, so it’s always a nice, relaxing weekend then, if you can spend it fishing.

Craig: Oh yeah.

Camp Montana: Cool. And so, where is Hell Creek State Park located?

Craig: We are about 30 miles north of the Town of Jordan, Montana.

Camp Montana: Okay, that’s great. And so, if someone is going to venture out from the State Park for a little while, what are some of the other attractions in the area that might be worth checking out?

Craig: Well, the State Park is surrounded by the Charles Russell National Wildlife Refuge, so it’s all (Unclear 1:42.6) around the Park. And it’s got some real good hiking. It’s got some beautiful views. It’s got some really unique topography, some badlands. A lot of people come here in the fall to hunt and there are actually a lot of paleontological resources in the area too.

Camp Montana: Cool. And so, if someone were to go, I guess, into the Town of Jordan, are there some places to eat and that type of stuff as well?

Craig: Yeah, Jordan is a small town. It does have a restaurant, a gas station, and a grocery store.

Camp Montana: Cool. Yeah, perfect, so it’s something. If someone needed to venture out, they’d be able to go and grab something if they needed.

Craig: Yeah.

Camp Montana: Cool. And so, yeah, kind of coming back to the campsites, what is the campground kind of like? Is it a little bit more open or secluded?

Craig: Yeah, it’s got an open layout. We have 55 electric campsites, and then we have just as many non-electric tent sites available.

Camp Montana: Perfect, so you can either bring an RV or tent camping as well.

Craig: Right.

Camp Montana: Cool. And so, kind of last two questions for you. If you could only spend one hour in the Park, what would you do?

Craig: Well, fishing is the most popular activity, but there’s some pretty good hiking as well. Hiking in the Missouri River breaks, in the Park, and just outside the Park is a popular activity.

Camp Montana: Perfect, so yeah, more than just the fishing. If you wanted to get out for a little walk, you could certainly do that. That’s always good. And last question for you: if you could spend just one night at Hell Creek State Park, which campsite would you choose and why?

Craig: Probably number 17.

Camp Montana: Okay. What’s the reason?

Craig: It’s got a giant cottonwood for shade and it’s right next to the shower building.

Camp Montana: Perfect, so yeah, a little bit of everything. A little bit of shade and then you don’t have to walk very far if you need to get up and go to the bathroom. Cool. No, that’s great and we really appreciate the insights.

Craig: All right.

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