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Here’s What Rock Climbers Really Want for Christmas

There are so many different kinds of climbers, but these gifts are great for just about any climber. This list offers updates to some classic essentials all climbers need, ranging from shoes and ropes to quickdraws and tape. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for the climbers in your life, we’ve made your job whole lot easier.

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Tension Flashboard ($90) – For the Training Guru 

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Image by Soill

This portable hangboard is for anyone who loves to climb outside, travels a lot, or likes to warm up at the crag. If they don’t really travel much but still like to “hang,” then an at-home hangboard like the Grindstone is a better choice, but it’s currently sold out online. When thinking about buying a hangboard, remember to consider what level of climber it’s designed for and adjust your purchase accordingly. 

Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw ($23.95+) – For the Sport Climbing Addict

These high-performance quickdraws have been a gold standard for years, and the updated line is no exception. Known for their buttery clip action and ergonomic handling, they are a popular choice for serious sport climbers. Maybe not worth the splurge for a beginner, but if you want to get someone absolutely the best, these are the way to go. The carabiners on the latest iteration of Petzl Spirits are slightly smaller, shaving weight off their previous counterparts. These stylish, premium quickdraws are perfect for hardcore sport, trad, and alpine aficionados, for fast-clipping on a super light draw.

Leukotape ($9.98) – For the Gym-Lover

Although there are many brands of actual climbing and gymnastic tape, Leukotape is the absolute best. This medical grade tape is specifically for sports and doesn’t come off easily and ripe like other fabric climbing tapes commonly sold in gyms. This is a low cost gift that any climber will love.

Rhino Skin Solutions ($16) – For Any Climber

Image by Rhino

There are so many climbing “balm” type skin repair and maintenance products on the market, but Rhino Skin stands out. The great thing about Rhino Skin Solutions is that they offer different skin products tailored to both naturally wet and naturally dry skin. If you don’t know what type of skin to buy for, Repair iis great for anyone, no matter their skin type.

8B+ Chalk Bag ($32.95) – For the Fun-Loving Climber

These cute, fluffy chalk bags are sure to be a hit, and they won’t break your wallet. If you know a climber that loves bright colors, patterns, leggings, maybe likes music and festivals and possibly lives in their van, then this is the perfect gift for them.

Silly Goat Climbing Brush ($36) – When You Don’t Know What to Get

These brushes are exquisite for climbing. Made in the UK, they are worth the international shipping, and you can’t go wrong with a good brush. Everyone needs a brush and these brushes are a work of art. There are many options but our favorite pick is the Thomas Twig Boulder Brush.

Gravity Mini-Massager ($99) – For the Everyday Climber

Image by Gravity

Every climber experiences aches and pains at one point or another, so this massager is a great gift. The Gravity Mini Massager is a powerful, low-cost option compared to a Theragun, and has a feature to add heat as you massage. It does only have one attachment, but it is worth it for the price. 

Maxim Pinnacle Climbing Rope ($215) – For Any Climber

Image by Maxim

This is a great climbing rope for any climber in your life. These ropes can last almost twice as long as other brands and are silky smooth to the touch. You can find this rope on Moosejaw.com.

Asana Crash Pad ($195) – For the New or Experienced Boulderer

Image by Asana

Asana is a favorite among boulderers. They’re easy to use strap system allows you to easily and quickly connect multiple pads together. If someone in your life likes to boulder, they will love this gift.

Born to Climb Book ($28) – For the Book Worm or History Buff

This book is a great option for any climber who reads. Taking a grand sweep through climbing history mixed with interpersonal stories, this book is a page-turner perfect for any climber, new or old. This is a great gift for the climber that loves climbing facts and history.

Water Bottle ($3.97-$40) – For Anyone

A water bottle is a great go-to great gift for climbers. There are a couple you can choose from based on what type of climber you know. Most climbers have multiple water bottles, so an extra Nalgene is always useful to them.

Scarpa Vapor ($89.99) – For the Beginner Climber

Choosing climbing shoes is often a personal choice. Climbers choose shoes based on the shape of their foot, style of climbing, and rock type, but these versatile shoes are a safe bet. We recommend the Vapor for beginner climbers. Check out the Vapor V for the advanced climber on your list. These climbing shoes make a great gift for any climber.

They come in a men’s and women’s version and they are currently on sale on multiple sites like Steep & Cheap, Backcountry and Moosejaw. Sizing for climbing shoes is tricky and specific. Generally climbers size down at least one full size, if not more, depending on the style of shoe as well as the type of climbing they intend to do in that shoe. It is best to find a way to get their climbing shoe size. If you can’t, you can guess based on their street shoes, but make sure you check the exchange policy in case the sizing is off. Climbing is a sport where precise fit in shoes matters.

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