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Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for People Who Love the Outdoors

If you’re still trying to find Christmas gifts, you’re not out of luck yet. It’s probably too late to ship most things, and many people don’t want to get anywhere near a big-box store this time of year. However, if you’re looking for a last-minute holiday gift for people who love the outdoors, here are some great ideas.

Memberships to Conservation Organizations

There’s a long list of great organizations that focus on protecting the outdoors. By signing a loved one up for a membership, they usually get some kind of cool swag and member benefits, and you get the peace of mind of knowing you purchased a gift that supports their passion. 

Here are some popular organizations:

Access Fund – This is for anyone who loves climbing. The organization works to protect climbing access and create more places to climb.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy – The ATC works with the National Park Service to take care of the country’s most popular long trail. Stretching from Georgia to Maine, this is an excellent gift for anyone who loves hiking and spending time on the Appalachian Trail.

Runners for Public Lands – This option is for your trail-running friend. The organization focuses on protecting public lands like national forests.


While the outdoors can be mostly free, you’re still paying to get into a park or entry to a ski slope. Getting a pass is a fantastic option to give outdoor enthusiasts fun for the entire year.

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National Park Pass – The America the Beautiful pass gives users access to all national parks and hundreds of other sites. This pass is a great option for anyone planning to visit multiple parks in the new year.

State Parks – Only some have plans to travel the country, and sometimes the best parks are right at home. Dozens of states also have a park pass that is good for the entire year. Like the America the Beautiful pass, a state park pass will cover entry into state-run parks. Check on the individual state’s website for details.

Ski Passes – Besides the initial gear, one of the most expensive parts of skiing is paying for a lift pass. Skiers can save a lot of money by buying a seasonal pass like an Ikon or Epic ski pass. It works best when gifting to know where your loved one prefers to ski, so you choose the right one.

Travel Gift Cards

You can always buy a gift card to help pay for an outdoor fan’s adventures. Traveling is expensive, and every little bit helps.

Airline Gift Cards – Many popular airlines offer gift cards that act almost like a discount for the person booking the flight. Some popular brands like Southwest, Delta, and Alaska Airlines have gift cards available. 

Airbnb – After you buy flights, you have to figure out lodging (unless you’re camping, of course). Paying to stay somewhere can cost more than the flight, so having a gift card to use toward an Airbnb can make a big difference.

KOA – If you know someone who is an RVer or prefers camping, popular campground companies like KOA also offer gift cards.

Outdoor Courses

Helping someone gain more skills in the outdoors is another excellent way to go. Not only do these courses make the backcountry experience more fun, but they could also save someone’s life.

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(Source: NOLS)

Wilderness First Aid – Wilderness First Aid is a two-day course that teaches basic survival techniques for anyone who likes spending time outdoors. Popular outdoor brands like REI often offer this course, and you can register through REI’s site.

Avalanche Survival – If you’re shopping for someone who loves the backcountry in the winter, an avalanche course may be the right gift. Courses are offered all over the country, as long as you see mountains and snow. The American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education has a list of all the programs.

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