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I Survived Bear Grylls: How To Watch

“Every day I meet people who think they could do it better,. Everybody talks a good game but when you’re under pressure, cold, hungry, and tired – and all that at the same time – then you see what people are made of.” – Bear Grylls

On I Survived Bear Grylls, contestants will face what is potentially going to be the hardest, the dirtiest, the most disgusting, but potentially the most rewarding day of their life, trying to show that they have what it takes to survive in the wild by succeeding at the challenges. Each week, the final contestant standing at the end of the episode can proudly claim I Survived Bear Grylls and win a cash prize.

How To Watch

Show: I Survived Bear Grylls
Network: TBS
Premiere: Thursday, May 18 on TBS at 9pm ET/PT

Watch The Trailer 

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