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Jesse Grylls Pranks His Dad Like No One Else Could

Adventurer and explorer. Author and Emmy-winning host. Survivalist. Bear Grylls is introduced in many ways. Husband and father are the two that he likes to have in front of his name.

Grylls married Shara Cannings Knight in 2000. The pair have three boys: Jesse, Marmaduke, and Huckleberry.

Jesse, now 19 and painting, has been able to use some of those other aspects of his father’s life to take advantage. First, he doesn’t have to make a living by eating goat testicles. But, the fact that his dad did opens up a lot of opportunity.

As Bear tells it, one such opportunity was to really prank him.

And it was taken full advantage of.

“I remember a time when (Jesse) filled up one of my water bottles with his urine and thought that would be a fun trick to swap it in for me,” Grylls told Yahoo! Singpaore. “I didn’t know. I was in the middle of a workout and I reached for my water bottle and had a bit of a surprise.”

A bit?

There are maybe only a handful of people on this planet that could get away with that prank on their father. Jesse Grylls is one of them. I am not. There is probably at least one more?

Jesse clearly has some freedom knowing that your dad has dined on camel intestinal fluids, rat brain, and yak eyeballs among countless other nastinesses. It is also a spirit of adventure to even try that on your dad.

As for Bear, he has evolved some of his personal eating habits. And has always thought urine was gross. He does wrap his thoughts with the mental toughness aspect of simply being able to do it.

“There are rewards in the wild to those that can dig deep,” he said. “Those who can do the difficult and sometimes unimaginable, and be resourceful, forage and hunt to find the things that can sustain you for rescue.”

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