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‘Just Scooch’: Watch This Moose Get Too Close to a Costco Shopper in Alaska

If you’re living in Alaska, you need to prepare for some close encounters with wildlife. Even the state’s largest city Anchorage, is home to moose and grizzly bears. Recently, a Costco shopper recorded a close interaction with a moose.

Amber Rotar, a lifelong resident of Alaska, originally filmed the video. With more than 1,000 moose living around the city, Rotar manages to keep her calm when a moose checks out her groceries.

Here’s the video: 

The post starts with a moose at the back of Rotar’s car, looking through her recent purchase at the big box store. Rotar stays calm but does her best to try and get the moose away. In the video, she can be heard saying, “Hey bud, scooch! I’ll give you the sweet potatoes. No ears back buddy. Just scooch.”

Moose will raise their fur and put their ears back, almost like a dog, when they’re agitated. With the average moose weighing around 1,000 pounds, it’s not something you want to mess with. Fortuantely, there was no incident here, but it did make for a wild video.

Moose Safety

Here are some moose safety tips from the city of Anchorage:

  1. Make lots of noise when hiking and walking parks or trails.
  2. Keep dogs on a leash at all times. Many a pet has been fatally injured by a kicking moose. 
  3. Most moose are more aggressive in calving (spring), and breeding (fall), seasons, but if feeling threatened, can react quickly. Know the warning signs.
  4. Don’t ever come between a cow and its calf. 
  5. Mountain bikers should avoid single track trails from mid-May through late June, while calves are young and cows are very protective.
  6. Aggravated moose have their ears laid back, the hair on their neck standing up, and they may start licking their lips or stomping the ground.
  7. If a moose charges, get something between you (like a tree or car). It is OK to run from moose (as opposed to standing your ground against a bear). 
  8. Do not ever feed moose. A $300 fine may be levied against anyone intentionally feeding wildlife, and a habituated moose is more likely to become aggressive. 

What would you do if a moose approached your groceries? 

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