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Yukon Trail Cam Shows Grizzlies, Moose, Wolverines, and More

The Yukon wilderness is apparently a great place to set up trail cameras. One wildlife enthusiast shares videos from several trail cams on the YouTube channel Yukon Wildlife Cams. Recent videos show wolverines, bull moose, and even a black wolf.

One video in particular is a best-of roundup of 5.5 months worth of trail-cam footage from a single camera. It’s been viewed over a million times. In 5.5 minutes, you see animals like wolves, moose, grizzly bears, and black bears, plus some appearances from a wolverine, Canada lynx, and more.

“From spring through summer and into fall, enjoy the variety of wildlife that pass by this single camera location in the Yukon wilderness from 2021,” the video’s caption reads. “Highlights include both grizzly and black bears showing interest in a scent marking tree, a pair of lynx at night, a few big bull moose in fall, several wolf visits, and a wolverine among a few other species.”

Watch the Yukon trail-cam compilation video here:

Did you spot the black bear with a white patch on its chest? Some North American black bears have a “chest blaze,” and some don’t, according to Parks Canada.

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Which species were you most excited to spot in the compilation video?

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