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The Final Fat Bear Week Matchup is Here

The final Fat Bear Week match is today, and your voting will determine this year’s winner.

Yesterday, we saw two decisive victories as 32 Chunk beat 901 by about 70,000 to 33,000 votes. However, the biggest win came from 128 Grazer over 435 Holly.

Here are the bears we’ll see in today’s final competition:

32 Chunk vs. 128 Grazer

Even before the bears started fattening up for winter, 32 Chunk was one of the largest bears at Brooks Falls. He uses his size to pick and choose where he wants to fish, and the other bears know to get out of the way. On the other side is 128 Grazer. We’ve called her “mama bear” throughout the week because she is the definition of the title. While all mother bears will defend their cubs, 128 Grazer preemptively attacks other bears before they can mess with her and her cubs. 

Watch more in this video:

Voting for the final match begins today at noon Eastern time.

Vote here.

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