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Fat Bear Week Enters the Final Fat Four

Fat Bear week wraps up on Tuesday, but before the final match, we need to make it through today’s semi-finals. 

Four bears remain, and your voting helps to crown the winner.

Here are today’s matchups.

32 Chunk vs. 901

Park Rangers say the appropriately named 32 Chunk is one of the most dominant bears at Brooks Falls this year. The massive animal has gone from a timid cub to a bear that gets a say on whatever fishing spot he wants. Up against Chunk is Bear 901. She spent this year raising multiple cubs and watching over them while still working to fish and feed the entire family.

128 Grazer vs. 435 Holly

The winner of Chunk and 901 will face the dominant bear from the battle between 128 Grazer and 435 Holly. Grazer is also a mother bear, but she’s known for her aggressiveness and will even attack other bears preemptively before they can mess with her cubs. Meanwhile, 435 Holly has raised cubs in the past but did not have a litter this year. That has allowed her to focus solely on feeding herself.

Vote for the bears here.

Find out more about how these bears get so fat.

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