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Fat Bear Week Day 3: Return of Otis

The biggest name in Fat Bear Week prepares for his first matchup of the season. Bear 480, better known as Otis, has won the competition four times.

However, before we get into today’s competition, here are the results from yesterday’s matchups.

Mama bear Grazer continued her well-known aggression for a big win, getting more than 100,000 votes over 151 Walker. Competition was closer in the other lineup, as 164 Bucky Dent snuck by with about 85,000 votes compared to 284 Electra’s 48,000.

Today’s matchups include:

806 Spring Cub vs. 32 Chunk

806 Spring Cub is this year’s Fat Bear Jr. winner. He managed to keep the momentum and win on day one of Fat Bear Week, but now he has some steep competition with a bear named Chunk. Wildlife officials observing Chunk were initially baffled by his behavior. The large bear often played with other bears and acted timid despite its large size and potential to be dominant. However, that’s changed in recent years, and Chunk now claims some of the best fishing spots on Brooks Falls.

480 Otis vs. 901

This may be the bear everyone has been waiting for. Officials in Katmai National Park have observed 480 Otis for over two decades. Otis won the first-ever Fat Bear Week and continues to be a finalist, if not champion. Due to his age, many weren’t sure we would see Otis again this year, but the bear keeps returning. Otis faces Bear 901, who also won on the first day of this year’s event.

Voting begins at noon Eastern. Click here to vote.

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