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You’ve Never Seen Brown Bears Like This Before: Incredible Footage of Cubs and Their Moms

Norway-based wildlife photographer Stian Norum Herlofsen captures some absolutely incredible images of wild animals like bears, moose, muskoxen, and owls. His images and videos showcase the beauty of the natural world and the animals that call wild places home.

Herlofsen often shares photos of brown bears. His work brings viewers way closer to these animals than they’d ever care to be in real life, thanks to his lens, and he appears to be able to capture moments while remaining undetected by the bears.

In his latest Instagram post, Herlofsen unveils touching photos and videos that showcase the connection between bear cubs and their moms. In one photo, a bear cub peeks out from beneath its mom, who stands proudly and protectively over her baby.

In another photo, a cub rolls around, paws flailing, while mom looks on skeptically. A video in the series appears to show cubs nursing while the mother bear relaxes.

Brown bears, including grizzlies, are often misunderstood and even feared. Hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts can reduce bear/human encounters by being vigilant, educating themselves about bear behavior, and taking precautions, such as practicing proper food storage, carrying bear deterrent, and knowing what to do if a bear approaches you.

Seeing a bear up close in the wild isn’t ideal, but seeing one up close through someone’s camera lens is a different experience entirely. This is especially true of photographers like Herlofsen, who can capture not only a moment but also a powerful feeling.

Do photos and videos like these give you a different perspective on brown bears?

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