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Fat Bear Week Day 2: New Competition Between Older Bears

The first day of voting for Fat Bear Week has ended. 

The first round saw 806 Spring Cub continue his winning streak after receiving over 100,000 more than his competition. The young bear was also this year’s Fat Bear Jr. competition winner.

The other side of the bracket saw a similar blowout from Bear 901, a finalist in last year’s competition. We’ll see if 901 can continue with the community support through this time.

Today’s brackets include:

128 Grazer vs. 151 Walker

Today’s matchups start with some of the well-known bears from last year, including 128 Grazer. This bear is the literal definition of “mama bear.” Park Rangers in Katmai National Park say she is a very defensive bear when it comes to her cubs and will even preemptively attack larger adult male bears to ensure her cubs’ safety.

Meanwhile, 151 Walker is a massive bear that is one of the most dominant at Brooks Falls. The bear uses its size to get preferred fishing spots, often chasing away other bears from fishing holes. The hierarchy fighting has led to real-life confrontations with 128 Grazer.

284 Electra vs. 164 Bucky Dent

The other matchup today includes 284 Electra. Wildlife officials say this bear is part of an extended family fishing tradition in the Brooks River area. The bear has frequented the site since she separated from her mother in 2011. Since then, she has mothered cubs of her own and taught them to use the river for fishing.

164 Bucky Dent is known for his innovation. Observers say this bear didn’t compete for a fishing spot at Brooks Falls but found his own area. 164 Bucky Dent likes to stand at the edge of the deepest plunge pool and wait for salmon to pop up. No other bear currently or in the recent past has used this tactic.

Voting begins at noon Eastern. Click here to vote.

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