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These Award-Winning Photos Will Make You Want to Head Outdoors

The British Wildlife Photography Award winners for 2024 have been announced, and the photos will make you want to stop what you’re doing and go soak in some Mother Nature.

In the “animal portraits” category, finalists and winners caught some incredible moments and close-up images of animals that transport you to their world.

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“A Precarious Pose” by Alastair Marsh

The winner in this category is a portrait of a common starling photographed mid-flight in Solihull, West Midlands, England. Looking at the image makes it feel like time has stood still.

British Wildlife Photography Awards
“Starling at Night” by Mark Williams

Other categories in the annual competition include animal behavior, coast and marine, urban wildlife, and wild woods.

The competition not only celebrates the photographers’ skill and dedication to getting that perfect shot but also inspires people to care about animals and their U.K. habitats.

Speaking of habitats, in the “habitats” category, the winning photo showcases a red fox cautiously walking across a tree branch in Sherwood Pines Forest Park in Nottinghamshire, England. It’s a scene straight out of Robin Hood.

British Wildlife Photography Awards
“The Tightrope Walker” by Daniel Valverde Fernandez

Ryan Stalker is the 2024 overall British Wildlife Photography Award winner, thanks to his poignant image of a soccer ball that drifted out to sea. Goose barnacles cover the ball below the waterline.

The image is visually interesting, but it also makes you think about the ways humans and animals co-exist.

British Wildlife Photography Awards
“Ocean Drifter” by Ryan Stalker

The British Wildlife Photography Award winners across all categories split a nearly £10,000 prize fund. The overall winner gets a cash prize of £3,500. Winning images are also published in a book.

Entries for the 2025 British Wildlife Photography Awards are now open.

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