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Awesome or Creepy? Check Out These X-Rays of Sharks, Turtles and Other Aquatic Creatures

A North Carolina aquarium is sharing an inside look at animals like never before. The NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher is posting X-rays of some popular aquatic creatures on their Instagram account.

Check these out:

Sand Tiger Shark

shark x-ray
(Source: North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher)

First up, the aquarium shared the inside look at this sand tiger shark. Sharks are made up of cartilage instead of the bones that we have. It allows the animals to be much lighter.

Goliath Grouper

fish bones
(Source: North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher)

This goliath grouper is one of the largest species of bony fish. The fish can grow to a massive eight feet. 

Southern Leopard Frog

frog x-ray
(Source: North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher)

On the opposite side, this tiny three-inch frog lives in most of the eastern United States, from New York to Florida. The southern leopard frog calls shallow parts of almost any fresh body of water home.

Eastern Spin Softshell Turtle

turtle x-ray
(Source: North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher)

In similar ponds and lakes, you may find this eastern spiny softshell turtle. The animal likes to find muddy spots and may hibernate there for about half the year.

Wood Duck

inside a duck
(Source: North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher)

Finally, here’s an inside look at a wood duck. Unlike humans, ducks and other birds have hollow bones to allow them to be lighter and take flight.

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