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The Kammock Wallaby: Review

The increasing popularity of hammocking as a past time is, I believe, primarily due to the portability. Yes, they’re comfortable, and there’s something beautiful about swinging in the breeze between two trees. Still, the fact that they’re small and easy to set up makes them a no-brainer on a sunny afternoon. This also means that smaller is better, because if you could easily have one in your backpack at all times, why wouldn’t you?

The Kammock Wallaby is that tiny, portable hammock you’ve been looking for. This little 10 oz hammock is made from 40D diamond ripstop fabric and holds 400 lbs. The other thing I like about the diamond ripstop is that it’s not stretchy which means it will keep its shape for a long time. It’s comfortable. Like, really comfortable. I can’t really put my finger on why. I just know that I didn’t want to get out of it.

Another cool move on Kammock’s part was to put loops along both sides of the Wallaby for attaching water bottles, a stuff sack with a book, or whatever you want. It’s a cool feature because you know that when you climb into a hammock, you want to stay put for awhile. Lastly, I’ll add that the model they sent me included the Python Straps, which reduce setup time to about 30 seconds.

In my opinion, always having a hammock at the ready is a brilliant lifestyle upgrade. Going on a walk and seeing the perfect hang when you don’t have a hammock sucks. The Kammock Wallaby is tiny and awesome, and there’s no reason you should leave the house without it.

$65 (Python Straps are an extra $29)

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