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Lone Mountain RV Resort and Tipi Campground OR

Camp Oregon recently spoke with the owners of Lone Mountain RV Resort and Tipi Campground in Oregon. If you’re looking to spend the night outdoors, sleeping in a tipi – this is the spot for you. Swimming, hiking and yard games – they’ve got it all lined up. Listen to our full interview here:

Lone Mountain RV Resort and Tipi Campground OR

Camp Oregon: I’m talking with Glen today. Him and his wife, Lori, own Lone Mountain RV Resort and Campground in Oregon. Glen, why don’t you get us started by giving us a little bit of history about the Park there?

Glen: Well, the Park is my backyard from when I was born. And the property has been in our family name for over 100 years.

CO: Wow.

Glen: Our great grandparents came here in 1910. June 16th of 1910.


CO: And what types of camping do you offer there?

Glen: We offer tent camping and we have three big, beautiful Indian teepees. Hand painted Indian teepees.

CO: Okay. And so, let’s see. We’ve got the teepees and tent camping. And what are the most popular activities for guests there?

Glen: We have swimming and nature trails, and we’re very, very dog friendly.

CO: Okay.

Glen: We also have a common area with barbecues. Every site has a barbecue, but we have a common area with a gas (Unclear 1:12.8) barbecue. And we have regulation horseshoes.

CO: Fun.

Glen: Badminton. There’s a game where you throw these golf balls on a rope, and I can’t remember what they are.

CO: Ladder ball.

Glen: Ladder ball, and that’s very popular. I don’t know why everybody likes it. I don’t play it, but they do. We have ladder ball. And there’s hiking within minutes of our place.

CO: Okay.

Glen: That’s very popular for walking and hiking.

CO: Okay. And if I was going to be staying there for maybe an extended period of time and I wanted to get out and about and do some exploring, what are some of your favorite attractions around that area?


Glen: The Oregon Caves. The California Redwoods. Northern California Redwood National Forest. The world famous Rogue River for fishing and swimming. There are numerous mountain lakes within one hour that are absolutely gorgeous.

CO: Sounds beautiful.

Glen: It is fun. It really is fun.

CO: Okay.

Glen: Also, wineries and vineyards. Within an hour there’s probably thirty wineries and vineyards.

CO: Sounds great. Two more questions for you, Glen. If you were going to spend just one hour at Lone Mountain RV Resort and Campground, how would you spend your time there?

Glen: Sitting peacefully by the crystal clear year round creek.

CO: Nice.

Glen: And enjoying the deer and ducks and geese.

CO: Okay. And if you were going to spend just one night at Lone Mountain RV Resort and Campground, which specific site would you stay at and why?

Glen: I would stay at what we call our ceremonial teepee. It’s 22 feet across, fully decorated, and has paved or stoned floors and futon beds for your comfort.

CO: Nice. Sounds good. Well, thank you so much for taking some time out of your day, Glen, to chat with us about Lone Mountain RV Resort and Campground in Oregon.

Glen: No problem, thank you.

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