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New! Tactical Backpack for Anglers from Daiwa

This tactical backpack from Daiwa is perfect for the angler on the go. Whether you’ve got a bit of a hike to get to your favorite stream or your headed out on the water looking for bass, this backpack is ready for any fishing adventure.

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Some of its most notable features include its tough construction: a ridged non-collapsible frame, double reinforced stitching and corrosion resistant zippers, special holders for sunglasses and pliers, and a Velcro attachment area. This truly versatile backpack also has a leader wheel that holds two spools for quick and easy line filling.

Full list of features:

· 3 Box Stack System
· Double Reinforced Stitching
· Ridged Non-Collapsible Frame
· # 10 Delran Corrosion Resistant Zipper
· Sunglasses Case
· Plier Holder
· Booger Box
· Velcro Attachment Area
· Leader Wheel

For more information on Daiwa products, visit

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