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Outlast Episode 7 Recap: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A leopard never changes its spots. So it’s inevitable that Team CHARLIE was going to see the real Jill, warts and all. Luckily for them, her true personality emerges right before they’re going to walk her across the river into their open arms.

Jill is the strongest competitor left on Outlast, Netflix’s reality competition pitting survivalists against each other in the brutal Alaskan Wilderness for a $1 million prize. She’s also the most ruthless and cunning. But for some reason she has a soft spot for her less-skilled ALPHA teammate Amber, a former heroin addict and felon, who was shot in the face by her boyfriend.

The two have gotten super close, but Jill is seriously considering ditching her mentee to join the all-boy squad of Paul, Seth and Nick. She knows in order to win the cash, she must be part of a team.

CHARLIE is much stronger than ALPHA. Amber and Justin completely rely on Jill, so it’s baffling that Jill is confused about leaving. “Amber deserves to win this game, too,” Jill says. Does she, really? “I’m not leaving her.”

When the guys tell Jill she needs to stop stalling and come now or never, she’s triggered and wigs out. “I won’t be given an ultimatum!” she screams across the river at them. “I’m an equal! You won’t treat me as a submissive bitch!”

Team CHARLIE is like chillax, Jill. “She might be psycho,” one of them notes. Turns out, they dodged a bullet. Actually, more like an arrow, which Jill has and is a good shot, so I wouldn’t turn your back, fellas.

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Jill goes back to ALPHA camp and pretends like CHARLIE was trying to lure her over and she didn’t know anything about the plan. She shows them the note they fired across the river on an arrow and lies about everything. “Don’t question my loyalty to Amber,” she rants. “I put my fucking life on the line for you.”

Justin thinks Jill doth protest too much and he trusts her about as far as he can throw her, which is not at all, since they’re all starving and have little energy. “I don’t trust people easily,” he says.

Justin’s always been the odd man out in ALPHA’s dynamic duo, and now the ladies are worried he will defect to CHARLIE. They start whispering about him behind his back and right in front of his face. The bosom buddies accuse him of secretly eating more fish than he’s allotted. “The fish is disappearing faster than it should,” Jill sneers.

Justin denies dipping into the fish, in fact, he says, it’s making him sick. To prove it he shows them underwear he had to wash and dry after crapping his pants. Which leads to an odd fight about whether or not Justin farted in his sleep and lied about it. “That was rank,” Amber says, perplexed why he wouldn’t own up to his stinky toot.

They think it’s an extreme story to cover up an extreme lie. They don’t trust Justin anymore. While Justin’s gut is a mess, “my gut never lies to me,” Jill says. “We need the ultimate clue.”

They set a trap in their shelter to see if Justin is really stealing the fish. They blindside him and confront him, calling him a liar. “A man I trusted like so many others in my life, has betrayed me,” Jill says.

Ah- ha! That explains a lot.

“Quit calling me a liar,” Justin yells. “I would not jeopardize winning over rations! I swear on my daughter’s life.”

Jill has three kids, so she eases off. She and Amber decide they have no choice but to continue as a threesome with Justin. Otherwise, they’re doomed.

But Justin is sick of their disloyalty and bullying and decides to sneak off to CHARLIE. “I see the writing on the wall,” he says. “Enough is enough. They’re not gonna do that shit to me. I’m not gonna stand for it. Jill is trying to manipulate me and push me out.”

Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Meanwhile CHARLIE is plotting their next move, which is figuring out how to get Justin over to their team without alerting the wicked witches of the south riverbank. The vibe is “let’s wrap this up.” But everyone is scared of Jill and Amber, mostly Jill, because she’s a fierce competitor but has a secret weapon in her back pocket. Amber will do whatever Jill tells her to do. 

Justin has a brief window to escape but before he goes, he ransacks his own shelter as he mutters something about “crazy bitches” under his breath. He gouges the roof of ALPHA’s home for the last three weeks before making a mad dash for his new team CHARLIE.

When Jill and Amber return to their camp, they are peeved, to say the least. They say Justin’s betrayal is personal and something he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life. Which is ironic and laughable, considering all the immoral shit they’ve instigated and carried out the entire game.

“I’ve made no mistakes so far,” Jill brags, “other than trusting Justin. We were a family. You don’t betray your family.” 

Spoken like a true cult leader! Hope nobody drinks any Kool-Aid, no matter how thirsty they are.

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