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Peak Design Capture Bino

Peak Design does it again with the Capture Bino binocular clip system. No longer will you have to worry about your precious binoculars being swung around on a neck strap or packed away in your backpack. With the Capture Bino you have easy access to quickly spot cool stuff on the trail. With the universal strap mount, a clip that can be attached in any direction, and a build quality that exceeds anything else on the market, you’re sure to be pleased with this tool. So, let’s dive into the review.

Appearance: Peak Design prides itself in great design and solid construction. This clip system is no exception. The packaging is very appealing. The black textured finish with red accents are very modern, sleek and strong. With strong, clean lines with machined metal parts it’s going to be hard to find a binocular clip that’s even close to this in design and strength.

Ease Of Use: Right out of the box and without looking at directions it was easy to understand how it works. We were able to put it together and attach it to a backpack strap very quickly. Also, if anything needs to be tightened, you have a tool that’s included to tighten any bolt or screw in the package.

Value: The Peak Design Capture Bino comes in at $69.95, but does come with a lifetime warranty on all parts. This is the best and most versatile action camera mount we have seen and a lot of thought and concept design went into this ingenious adaptor. If you own an action camera you might want to take advantage of this super sweet product from Peak Design.

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