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Duckworth Garments

Overview: Take a peek at some of these Duckworth garments. The Hummingbird LS Crew is made with 125 grams per square meter micro rib. It’s an excellent base layer 2 by 1 rib, dries fast and has a ton of thermal ability because of the air trapping due to the rib construction. 100% Merino wool grown in Billings, Montana.

Their jersey is called Power Jersey 160, 160 grams per square meter and anything from classic t-shirt cuts to long zip necks, thumb loops, pretty classic base layer application. Bottoms from boxers to leggings to loose leggings. They move along with different fabric constructions which they’re pretty proud of at Duckworth. They have their Polaris and the men’s Polaris LS Crew. A pretty classic thermal piece but it looks almost denim like; they’re able to do some custom dying because of the wool knowledge they have in-house due to 3rd and 4th generation ranching and their wool ability as well as their wool technician, Stuart, who is developing all the fabric constructions and special dyings.

And something else pretty special for Duckworth, they’re doing a hydro-ply construction. Inside is 100% fine polyester which acts as a wick and so they get an instant moisture movement ability from the fabric’s layered construction into the 100% wool outer, so any kind of cold climate sport where you’re perspiring you’ll notice a very effective moisture movement ability with this fabric and it looks good too.

You can see their new powder fleece, pretty hefty 250 grams per square meter but it is a blend keeping it very light and it will dry a little faster than a 100% wool garment of this weight. Nice little style details of unfinished cuffs, hems and so forth and quickly turning into a popular piece.

Introducing the men’s High Line Shirt this fall they have a wool terry and the inside is a terry back and the outer is a smooth Merino face. This is also part of their chemical free shrink resistant line. Duckworth’s been able to pioneer a new way to shrink resist wool without the use of chemicals or super wash.

Knitwear is something they’re pretty passionate about, 100% wool all grown in Montana. In this case, these garments are cut, sown and knitted in Brooklyn, New York. Coast Guard style classic utility construction, ribbed sides, asymmetrical ribbed cuffs, high neck kind of like body armor.

Wool insulation called Wool Cloud this is what they call a snap shirt. You can wear it like a shirt or coat whatever you want. USA made wool fill with nylon inside and out for good wind protection. Not a super technical piece but very versatile in use.

You can see Duckworth at www.Duckworthco.com based in Montana but their website presence is all for you.

Manufacturer: Duckworth
Product Name: Duckworth Wool Garments
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