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TruKid Bubble Podz Review

When we go outdoors we sacrifice skin irritation to the highest degree if we are not careful. Bug bites, poison ivy, poison oak, or rashes are just waiting for you to let your guard down and make a mistake. Sure, there are many products out there to apply relief, but is there an easy-to-use product to offer full-body relief? There is now with TruKid Bubble Podz. Just draw a bath and soak in all natural ingredients and say good-bye to dry, itchy skin.

Functionality: If you ever experienced poison ivy or too many mosquito bites, you know how irritating the itch can get. The majority of the time the itch gets so unbearable because the affected area is in a hard to reach place. This product submerges your whole body, therefore the whole affected area.

Ease of Use: This product could only be easier to use if they came to your home and drew the bath for you. All you have to do is cup 1-2 of the pre-measured podz in your hand under warm running water. As the pod dissolves swish the water around the tub, thats it. Now, all you have to do is sit in the tub and let the colloidal oatmeal, milk powder, allantoin and vitamin E work its magic. This product offers no mess and no waste.

trukid bubble podz review
TruKid Bubble Podz

Value: You can pick this great product up for $18.49. For that price you get 24 single-use podz that burst into a tub full of natural, long-lasting, soothing bubbles. This is a must-try product for anyone that has sensitive skin issues.

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