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Dakota Light Angler Watch Review

When it comes to outdoor wear, men and women have a plethora of options to chose from. As a result there’s a watch for just about any condition. It seems that if you can name the activity, there’s a manufacturer that’s making the perfect boots, socks, pants and jackets. This equality starts to narrow down when it comes to watches and timepieces. We recently had the opportunity to test out the Dakota Light Angler ladies watch, seeing if the gender gap is starting to narrow on our wrists.

What immediately stood out about the Dakota Light Angler watch, was the styling of the timepiece itself. It’s large, and features numbers that are legible at both quickly and at a distance. Many women’s watches feature dainty digits, making it tough to read the time when out on the trail. While this watch face might be too large for a few, we feel that this aesthetically pleasing design will be at home on even the most fashion-conscious outdoorswoman. When night falls, the Dakota Light Angler watch goes into action with its Moonglow E.L. function, illuminating the face, and complimenting the already illuminated dials – making it a great solution for Midnight time checks.

Two simple dials and buttons control the operations on the Dakota Angler. Traveling across time zones couldn’t be simpler.

And if we were one addition that we feel would improve the watch, it’d be this. We wish that the band was more substantial, and weatherproof. We received a watch model with a stylishly thin strap. Introducing water and moisture would likely (at minimum) create an uncomfortable situation. A quick search on the Dakota Watch website shows additional bands available – including a sport model, which would be a better option for a weekend in the woods.

Overall, the Dakota Light Angler watch is a great watch. And it’s ideal for the outdoorswoman who refuses to sacrifice fashion, while maintaining function.

For more information, and to purchase – visit DakotaWatch.com

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