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Rumpl Technical Blankets Overview

Overview: Rumpl Technical Blankets were launched about a year ago on Kickstarter and since then they have been working to turn it from a Kickstarter actually into like a real growing company of new products. Rumpl has developed several new products in the last year and are hitting the market in 2015. The first one is called the puffy blanket, it’s a 20D nylon. It’s really kind of go everywhere do anything kind of blanket. People are using it on their home, on their beds, on their couches, they put it in the stroller when they go out with their kids. They take it to the beach and go do bonfires. It becomes the really versatile blanket that pretty much anybody has a purpose for.

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Expanding on that Rumpl is introducing a blanket called the 50/50, which is the 20D nylon on one side, and has a really nice wool-cotton blend on the back side. These blankets still have the blends, tech features, moisture wicking, anti-microbial aspects of the original blanket, but a little bit more home friendly. One of the main features are these C-and-C quilted stitch lines, which kind of give it a little bit different aesthetic than your normal home blanket would be.

Rumpl is also introducing in 2015 a hoodie blanket. This is a fleece blanket that is reminiscent of one of your favorite tech fleece jackets that we’ve seen. Basically, Rumpl has a goal to kick down the blanket market and really make blankets that are fun and usable by everybody. You can check us them at GoRumpl.com. Go have fun outside.

Manufacturer: Rumpl
Product Name: Technical Blankets
MSRP: $95

Rumpl Technical Blankets

Rumpl Technical Blankets

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