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weBoost : Drive 4G-X RV Signal Booster

We often hear from RV’ers that cell phone coverage can be a challenge when they’re out on the road – or even boon docking in an urban location. Combine remote locations with the fact that you’re sitting in a metal box, and your iPhone ends up becoming nothing more than a paperweight. We recently came across the weBoost Drive 4G-X RV Cell Phone Signal Booster, and knew that we had to check it out.

The unit boasts the ability to increase cell phone reception by up to 32X through the use of an antenna that’s mounted on the outside of your RV. Through a few simple connections, the external antenna connects to an internal boost unit, and then again to another antenna that’s mounted inside of your RV. The result is better cell phone coverage…just about anywhere.

Check out the weBoost 4G-X RV Signal Booster here!

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