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WATCH: Pro Skydivers Have Heart-Stopping Picnic in the Sky

This team of extreme athletes may have staged the craziest picnic we’ve ever seen. In an epic video making the rounds on Instagram this week, a group of four skydivers has a leisurely breakfast at a picnic table in the sky, suspended from a hot air balloon floating high above farmland. 

The group, consisting of skydivers Daniel Cajal, Nicole Deverling, Eduardo Ceratti De Almeida, and Paulo Henrique Zen, sips orange juice and munches on waffles and bananas as if they’re just enjoying a normal morning with their feet on the ground like the rest of us. Before diving off the table back down to Earth, they light colorful smoke bombs attached to their sneakers.

In a 20-minute “making of” video, the crew says the stunt took six months of planning. You can watch as they test ways to descend from the basket of the hot air balloon down to the picnic table suspended below. They do this by lowering a simple wooden plank from the outside of the balloon down to the table. 

How they managed to keep their dishes from crashing down on some unsuspecting farm animals, we’re not quite sure. Just in case you’ve got a similar stunt up your sleeve, it might be helpful to brush up on Leave No Trace etiquette. After all, what you drop from the sky, no matter how high you are, will, eventually, make its way back down to the rest of us. 

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