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pistil nala hat

Pistil Nala Hat Overview

Overview: Finding the right hat is no small thing. And Pistil Designs is determined to make your favorite – the one you grab as you race out the door, the one that gets broken-in to reflect your personal style, the one that performs when you need it to. The Pistil Nala hat is a part of their Spring 2015 line and is great sun hat for those long days outdoors.

What Makes It Unique: Pistil Designs has a goal to make hats that are fashionable yet functional for your time outdoors. The Pistil Nala Hat is a full brimmed sun hat, that is perfect for water activities as the hat is water resistant and will float. The Nala hat packs well and has a super soft interior band for comfort. To keep it on your head, this fashionable hat has an adjustable chin cord with a wooden bead to adjust the length. Made from a paper straw materil the Nala hat is your classic sun hat.

Manufacturer: Pistil
Product Name: Marisa Hat

pistil nala hat
Pistil Nala Hat

pistil nala hat
Pistil Nala Hat

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